Season opening at Eintracht Frankfurt

Aug 1, 2019 | Corporate, Sport

For the first home game of Eintracht Frankfurt in the Commerzbankarena on 1 August 2019, the official partners presented themselves at a fan festival in the run-up to the match. For Deutsche Börse, the tailormade agency designed an experience course that depicted various sporting activities. Furthermore, there was the possibility to be photographed and thus become part of a photo mosaic. In order to transport the atmosphere of the stadium to the forecourt, dlp motive realized a 40sqm large Layher back wall, which was printed with photo motifs of fan choreographies of the last season. Furthermore, DLP Motifs provided a 110″ video wall on which the photo mosaic was depicted.

Press release Tailormade and Deutsche Börse


Helene Fischer plays for plant employess

Helene Fischer plays for plant employess

In the best summer weather, around 15,000 company employees and their families accepted the invitation and spent an evening with a fantastic atmosphere and good music.